Супруг Маши Вебер подарил ей сказку в свадебном путешествии The couple went to Italy. Lovers chose a luxury Villa on the shores of a picturesque lake. Every day the husband of the singer gives her a romantic dinners in restaurants with a stunning view. The artist herself, telling about your honeymoon, likened it to a Paradise.

      Over the weekend in the life of the ex-soloist of group “Tutsi” Masha Veber was a significant event – the singer got married. The ceremony then was visited by many representatives of show business, each of which was very happy for his colleague and her lover. By the way, about his life partner Maria prefers not to extend about the man known, perhaps, only that his name is Sergei, and he got along great with the son of Mary from his first marriage Oscar. He led mother to the altar in the most important day for her.

      Mary Weber married in a luxury Golf club

      Shortly after the wedding the happy couple went on a trip where they expect to spend time together and give each other the maximum attention. Lovers chose Sunny Italy. Staying in Cernobbio on the South-Western shore of lake Como, the singer was quick to inform friends and fans in social networks, that they with her husband in Paradise. Judging by the pictures, which publishes artist, in the honeymoon period they elect really having a good time. Husband Weber gives her a romantic evening in the restaurants with spectacular views, also shares the singer. It is obvious that the new wife loved the holiday, which they themselves have arranged, as well as enjoying the new status.

      About how did a honeymoon with Mary, her charming son, the woman said. Most likely, the boy remained in Moscow in the care of relatives so that his mother could enjoy the time spent alone with your beloved.

      Looking at the photos in the blog eks-the soloist of group “Tutsi” fans leave rave reviews each time marveling at how Maria has blossomed with the advent in her life of the man she loved.

      “So peaceful!”, “Serge still not blinded by such beauty?”, “Masha, beauty, eye-catching, “Masha, very happy for you! Be most happy. To husband you been” – he left his reviews fans of Weber in her microblog.

      It is noteworthy that the couple live in a luxury Villa overlooking lake Como. Week stay in this place cost the hotel several thousand euros. Apparently, the singer and her husband Sergei, do not spare any means to for a long time to remember this amazing trip.

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