Юлия Волкова тает в объятиях мускулистого мачо The actress is in no hurry to disclose the name of the boyfriend. Fans of Yulia Volkova very times for your favorite singer and I wish her to keep love for years to come. Despite the fact that before the ex-participant of group t.A.T.u never longed for marriage, now it has revised its Outlook on marriage.

      Popular singer and former member of the group t.A.T.u Julia Volkova not so long ago spent a wonderful vacation together with two children, Vika and Samir by the sea. Also, a mother with children made up the beloved artist. Julia teased all followers of the beautiful images from the coast, but did not tell fans where it spends the summer days. The greatest excitement among the followers caused footage of the man, whose name was Julia prefers to keep secret.

      Apparently, a former member of the girls ‘ duet has finally found happiness in his personal life and not make it a secret. Volkov puts pictures where the beloved holds her in a passionate embrace. However, the man chose not to show his face, hiding it in the hair of his lady. Fans could only consider a pumped torso and muscled hands of men.

      Happiness is. Take care of him” – so signed the Julia.

      Fans immediately rushed to rejoice for his idol and wished Volkova to keep love with the chosen one for life. “Great! Good luck to you and strong wings! You’re clever!”, “I sincerely wish you happiness!”, “Julia, when you are happy is the main thing for me and everyone who truly loves, appreciates and respects you. May favorite always encouraging, loving and I give all warmth of my heart! The harmony of loving hearts!” – sincerely wrote to the followers in the comments of the post.

      Not so long ago the media was discussed that boyfriend Volkova is Giorgi Zarandia, who is suspected in burglaries and robberies, as well as the violation of immigration laws. However, the actress did not comment on kinder rumors. Elect Yulia Volkova was detained in Moscow

      Despite the fact that earlier Yulia Volkova are not serious about marriage and not trying to tie the knot now that she has two children, it has revised its Outlook on family creation. The singer wants to find a man who would have been a wonderful father to her heirs.

      “Now I have come to believe that is really ripe for marriage. But not because I need the stamp in the passport. I want the holiday to my children and my parents saw me in a white dress. I want to understand this man I will be the rest of my life. I’m not one of those who are willing to get married to get divorced. And somehow it seems to me that in this decade, which started for me, I meet the man of my dreams,” admitted Volkova in an interview.

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