Эксперты назвали причину смерти директора «Уральских пельменей» Before it became known that Alexei Lyutikov died in a hotel room in Ekaterinburg. Doctors conducted an autopsy and found out what caused the sudden death of the General Director “the Ural pelmeni”.

      Эксперты назвали причину смерти директора «Уральских пельменей»

      On the eve of the General Director of the show “Ural dumplings” Alexei Lyutikova, was found dead in a hotel room in Ekaterinburg. The news shocked the whole team of the project. At the hotel the man lived from the second of August. Body Lyutikova found the maid. For a long time none of the “Ural dumplings” did not comment on this tragic news, and the publication just quoted a worker of the hotel that found a dead body. The investigation currently checks on the fact of death.

      The Director of “Ural dumplings” found dead in hotel

      The forensic experts failed to determine the cause of death Lyutikova. According to some information, the man died due to dilated cardiomyopathy, the version of violent death are excluded. For a long time he suffered from a disease of the myocardium, which causes stretching of the cavities of the heart. Also, Alex developed heart failure and heart rhythm disturbances, what caused the embolism, which caused the death of a former participant of KVN.

      Representatives of the Sverdlovsk police found near the body Lyutikova, a huge number of empty bottles of alcohol. The General Director of “Ural dumplings” not been out more than a week, and on the door hung a do Not disturb sign”.

      Besides, the room Lyutikova has been found drugs to reduce pressure. The investigation checks all medications found in the hotel room.

      As it became known, that the alcohol caused a worsening of heart problems. In the last minutes of life, according Life.ru the man was beside the table on which stood a glass beaker. Due to cardiomyopathy, he lost consciousness and fell on the table, get hurt on the glass. These wounds initially have suggested that the man died as a result of violent death.

      In the official group of the show “Ural dumplings” in social networks today there was a post in which the team honored the memory of Alexis. Admirers of KVN team leave condolences to the family of the deceased Lyutikova.

      “I regret to inform you that passed away the CEO of the company that produces the show “Ural Dumplings” Alexei Lyutikov. Alex went through difficult but interesting way of life. He was a successful captain of KVN team, and top Manager of large productions and talented Director in the field of television industry. Alex has done a lot for the project “the Ural Pelmeni”. He put in a show all his skill and experience, brought it to a new level, and thanks to his efforts the project was able freely and independently to develop, got a second wind, a second life…”, – stated in the message.

      Recently Alexei had problems with the previous Director of the “Ural dumplings.” According to Lyutikova, Sergey Nitievskiy earned a lot more than artists. Alexey was responsible for the activities of the team in Moscow. Reportedly, Nitievskiy sued and won the case. According to some reports, former captain of KVN chased for debts.

      Have Lyutikova, left a wife and two children. According to the spouse of a former participant of KVN, he really suffered from heart problems. The team “Ural dumplings” also notes that busy schedule of life has undermined the health Director and was the cause of his sudden death.

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