Husband of Evelina Bledans scolds her for her erotic outfits

Супруг Эвелины Бледанс ругает ее за эротичные наряды Alexander Semin asks his wife to be modest. However, Evelina Bledans decide what dress to wear for an event. She got rid of complexes and allows himself to wear any clothes, not paying attention to criticism.

      Famous actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans not so long ago decided to undergo plastic surgery. She had a boob job and now with even great pleasure demonstrates toned body. Artist previously and didn’t hesitate to outright outfits, and now does not hesitate to appear before the public in provocative costumes. However the admiring glances of men several puzzling wife Evelina Bledans, Alexander Semin. Sometimes he asks his wife to be a little more modest. Evelina Bledans increased breast for seducing men

      “He scolds me a little. For example, I have a very daring outfits for performances — waist corset, costumes in the style of bdsm. And in the breaks I like to go live in Instagram, and fans immediately make screenshots. The husband then sees these screens in the Internet and criticising me, but not much, I don’t go to such suits, on life”, – admitted the actress.

      Nevertheless, the artist tries to cheat – she always discusses his or her outfits with her husband before the event. The actress decides that it is more suitable for a particular event. Evelyn admitted that if a dress is not like Alexander, she will meet her husband and change.

      “In his presence, of course, will not wear. But if I’m not with him, and this outfit is perfect for events or shooting, then maybe I will wear slowly,” said Bledans.

      The actress did not begin to hide that some time ago she was too shy to wear some things that were not there before in her wardrobe. However, over time these complexes have disappeared. She believes she became more confident. According to the actress, it was easier to realize your own beauty. Now a celebrity wants to take part in a Frank photo shoot. Evelina does not know how the spouse will take this idea to the wife. Also Evelyn pays no attention to criticisms followers on the microblog. She considers it beneath his dignity to respond to comments unknown to her people.

      “The criticism I’m fine — it’s inevitable. Another question, is it possible rude remarks subscribers to call criticism? It is rather a yelping mongrel from under the couch. I don’t know who wrote it, don’t know these people, so I absolutely do not care,” – said Bledans in an interview