Husband of Elena Borscheva miraculously survived after a terrible accident

Муж Елены Борщевой чудом выжил после жуткой аварии Experience more together the famous pair. Elena Borschev and her partner Valery Yushkevich and I were only married six months after Dating. The lovers are strengthened in their feelings after the accident, in which a young man came, hurrying on a date to the beloved.
Муж Елены Борщевой чудом выжил после жуткой аварии

The former participant of KVN team “Team of Pyatigorsk” Elena borscheva, her husband Valeriy Yushkevich and daughter Mar and Mind became heroes of the program “When all houses” Timur Kazakovym.

The couple lives happily married twelve years and admits that their Union was a very hasty – Elena and Valery made the decision to become husband and wife just six months after Dating. Young people are helped to truly bond two circumstances – the same sense of humor and a terrible incident which they experienced together. Valery got in an accident, hurrying out to Lena. In that moment, when a star of KVN and her future husband met, Valery Yushkevich lived in Novy Urengoy, and Elena was constantly touring with his team of cheerful and resourceful. Their affair has leaked, thanks to mobile communication and rare visits, which both were looking forward to.

On that dreadful evening, normally mischievous and cheerful Elena borscheva still recalls with a shudder.

“We agreed together to spend New year, but at seven in the evening of December 31, Valerie was in a terrible accident. I spoke at a corporate party with the “Team of Pyatigorsk”, and he was driving me to be with me the morning of January 1. But I called and was told that Valera has crashed and everything is very serious, pray that it was ever alive,” – said Elena borscheva.
Муж Елены Борщевой чудом выжил после жуткой аварии

Valery Yushkevich had an accident on a slippery snowy road, his car heavily hyped and made into oncoming traffic. The result is a head-on collision, he suffered a serious head injury. In the memory of the terrible accident on the man’s head left a decent size scar.

“When I came to him in the hospital, saw just rewound, but cheerful… – says the star of KVN. – Of course, this story us really pulled together and rallied, because when you realize that you could lose this person… At this point you realize how much you care for him”.

Their quick wedding was a surprise to many. But neither Lena nor Valery is not considered an acceptable life in a civil marriage. For each of them it was important to legally secure the bonds, to put stamps in their passports.

“Then there is a promise from parents, I think. Lena had no father, my mom and dad divorced. And because of this we have increased the value of marriage. Is someone out there possibly fell in love, got married, went. We are all wrong. Yes, it worked quickly, but permanently,” – said the husband of Helen Valery Yushkevich.