Nadezhda Ermakova revealed details of the upcoming wedding

Надежда Ермакова раскрыла детали предстоящей свадьбы The former participant “Houses-2” wants to arrange a celebration in the spring. Nadezhda Ermakova has told, what sees the perfect holiday. This summer she received an offer of marriage from her beloved Artem.
Надежда Ермакова раскрыла детали предстоящей свадьбы

In early July the former participant reality show “House-2” Nadezhda Ermakova reported that he had received an offer hands and hearts of the elect Artem. The young people met with the famous electroni. The man, however, was not among the candidates to build relationships under a sight of numerous cameras, but remained behind the scenes – he works as a sound engineer. Hope remembered that in the Seychelles, she began an office romance that turned into a deep sense.

Now the lovers are preparing for the wedding. They are planning to arrange a celebration in the spring of next year. Hope doesn’t want to collect a huge amount of relatives.

“How was the wedding… I’m one of those pragmatic people who want to make a beautiful painting, a themed photo shoot either “before” or “after” and to fly. I don’t want family members, the host, shouts “Bitterly!” and the muzzle in salad” – said Ermakova.

Hope doesn’t hide the fact that she was difficult to push the man on a decisive step – to tie the knot. She even had to go to some the trick – the former participant “Houses-2” has hinted at the fact that he can lose it. Artem remained nothing how to get her married.

“We meet for two years, I have put Artem ultimatum because I think he’s wasting my time, and it may lead to nothing. Once we spoke with him about the future, and sounded the phrase: “If you got pregnant, I would have immediately realized”. Before leaving on vacation, gave him a month to think, saying that it is necessary to you or not. Either splitting up or getting married,” said Ermakova “StarHit”.

The girl said that they had a lot of arguments with her lover. Hope is not denied – Artem its opposite. Ermakova was nice when he arranged a romantic surprise and presented a diamond ring.

Hope told the publication Woman’s Day, bitterly left the reality show “Dom-2”. During participation in the project, she built relationships with Gobozova. She admitted that now does not support friendship with him. Hope admitted that many members of the famous electroni built a love with the program staff. The scandalous “old” “House-2”: why do they go back to the project?