Swami Dasha was in the midst of criminal scandal

Свами Даши оказался в эпицентре криминального скандала The psychic stopped when he was behind the wheel of a stolen car. Police detained an expensive foreign car with a suspicious offer, which was ruled by Swami Dashi. The man himself has not commented on the situation.

Swami Dasha is considered one of the brightest participants of the project “Battle of psychics”. He managed to win the 17th season of the show, despite its scandalous reputation. Now the man holds a variety of trainings and workshops, which are always very popular.

Recently, however, Dasha was in the midst of criminal scandal. Psychic detained in St. Petersburg due to the fact that he was driving the stolen car business class. The police became suspicious due to the strange VIN number cars. For verification of the transport and the driver was taken to one of the local offices.

According to sources, Dashi claimed that he had bought the car in this state and is not subject to any criminal cases. Fans of the psychic is concerned about this turn of events, because 6 Nov is to be held next seminar of Swami.

“I hope this will not cancel the training. A ticket bought for a long time and especially for the sake of going to Petersburg”, “Nothing special about this situation there. The car just stopped, but due to the fact that behind the wheel was Swami fanned scandal”, “don’t believe a sincere and spiritual person can be involved in crime” – opinions of fans of the psychic.

Itself Dasha has not commented about his arrest. In social networks, the man prefers to talk about the new events and the work points are not opening to fans of the other details of his life.

A little later the Swami Dashi commented in an interview with reporters, “REN TV”.

“I called him to clarify the situation. He said that he had no such machines in principle, and no one was detained. I am now in Moscow, and Swami in Saint-Petersburg, therefore, to check the validity of information can not. But I believe him, we are working together for the first year,” said a spokeswoman for a psychic.

According to the publication “Fontanka”, at the time of detention the man was acting erratic, but did not resist.