Hugh Jackman is rapidly gaining weight

Хью Джекман стремительно набирает вес
The actor had to immediately go on a diet.

Hugh Jackman

Photo: Splash News/East news

Many artists for interesting roles have to change dramatically. One of the Champions in this sense, the Australian Hugh Jackman: he’s already lost 15 pounds for the filming of “Les Miserables”, shaved bald to play the pirate in “pan: journey to Neverland”, and “X-Men” gained impressive muscle mass.

But this time the actor will have to do the impossible — two dozen pounds he needs to get in the shortest possible time.

“Imagine my watch every three and a half hours I remind you that it’s time to eat another steak! said Jackman. —
But where to go? In just a month, I should gain about 20 pounds of muscle
for next coming of the Wolverines! Last. Shooting very soon
start. (Hugh for 16 years plays a role in the famous franchise “X-Men”. — Approx. ed.)
I, by the way, many said I was so hooked that role that not
able to time to come off. But it is not true. I
actually said goodbye to Wolverine, and blame my stomach! I wasn’t
I am sure that he will stand in the future as many steaks, chicken white
meat and omelets of some proteins! Diet Wolverine and Hugh
The Jackman — simple and unpretentious. Oh, and a single gram of sweet”.

it is recognised that some of the movie while even name. “But it will be cool
I promise! — smiles Jackman. — And now we go on
vacation in Australia. Recently bought
beautiful apartment in a house on the ocean. Let’s enjoy life
until I leave for the shooting of his latest Wolverine. Still amazing
history! When I unexpectedly took on this role in the first film,
superheroes were not popular, movies about them were considered full
crap and money doesn’t hurt much brought. But “X-Men” came to the screens
— and me the morning I began phoning some of the producers: the movie in
first day they gathered twice as much cash than they expected Since then, and
here we go”.

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