Lena remains Volatile in “Revizorro”

Лена Летучая остается в «Ревизорро»

The news that the protagonist of the project “Revizorro” his leaving was a shock to many. In place of Elena Flying came a new host in the person of ex-member VIA gra Olga Romanovskaya.

Hear about the frame replacement, the Network immediately began conversations, they say, without Flying “Revizorro” does not cost anything, because no one can beat her charm and professionalism. Some people even accused Lena that she left “Revizorro” on the mercy of fate.

Today it became known, that although Volatile and out of frame, it will still be involved in the shooting of new audits, because now she is the producer of the channel “Friday!”, and the “Revizorro” is not just a programme of inspections, and TV family, which included and “Revizorro show”, and a new project that Lena herself rejisserom, put it down and will launch in the fall.

“Two and a half years of fighting, all sorts of disputes, scandals… of Course, it was hard. For me now it does not matter who will be after me now – black, blonde or redhead, the main thing is to keep it socially relevant. I’m sure it will. I their offspring did not give. There remain a producer. I admit, Olga Romanov as the leading not yet seen. But I will expose her and the shoulder and the shoulder support. Well, she was a soloist of “VIA gra”. But spectacular on the screen,” commented Flying your promotion.

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