Lena Flying leaves “Revizorro”

Лена Летучая не покинет «Ревизорро» Star was the producer of the project. However, fans of the Lena Fly again see her on the screen – now she will lead two new shows. The celebrity said that she intends to follow the fate of the beloved “Revizorro” and even help the new host of the program.

      Лена Летучая не покинет «Ревизорро»

      The creators of the acclaimed project itself and host of the show yesterday called a press conference, during which he explained, with associated major changes in the project and what’s really behind the departure of Lena Flying with “Revizorro”. As it turned out, fans of the show can rest easy – without a sensitive management of Fly project will remain.

      “Revizorro” for me as a child, ‘ said the TV star. – I gave birth to, nursed and raised. And never leave you. Will always be the Mother of dragons. But now I can add their production contribution. And I need to pause. I’m not only tired for two and a half years of traveling, fighting and disputes, I need time to prepare a new long-awaited project in the sense of “Revizorro”. I invented it, I will keep and produce. It starts in the fall. This case now gives all of his power.”

      The news that Flying will replace the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov, has led to this scandal in social networks. Many fans of Elena even launched a large-scale action, the purpose of which was to return the star of the ether in the project. The confessions of the Fly, such a rush neither she nor the creators of the show did not expect.

      Care Helena Fly from “Revizorro” provoked a scandal

      “As for the boom in the Internet about my replacement, I must admit, it’s nice – said TV presenter. To the love of the fans I meet love. And I understand that Olga Romanov will be difficult, at least for the first time exactly. But for me it is important that the social importance of the show remained. As OLE always ready to help and shoulder, and vest. Well, she is a former Viagra, but it will look spectacular”.

      Лена Летучая не покинет «Ревизорро»

      By the way, the channel executives were quick to stand up for new leadership “Revizorro”. As recognized by Director General of “Friday” in the process of finding a suitable candidate they with the creators of the project did not aim to find someone who will be similar to Flying. Leaders channel their arguments in favour of Romanov.

      “To look for a person similar to Lena strange. Couldn’t be another White Queen, Black Queen will now be – explained Nikolay Kartozia. – Once in the “Field of dreams” incomparable Vlad Listyev was replaced by Leonid Yakubovich, and also a lot of noise about it. Once in the “eagle and tails” changed the first pair of leading and instead of Joan and Alan Badoeva came an unknown boy Andrey Bednyakov. The love of the audience is unpredictable. Always someone doesn’t like something. Let’s see how the rest of life. As for the fact that Olga is a singer, no matter who does what or what was studied. But she is the mother of two children and a champion in Boxing. I think she’ll work just come in handy”.

      Fortunately fans of the Fly, it will not disappear. She continues “Revizorro show” and have already started shooting a new project “Stroinski”, which helps women to lose weight. The creators make it a big bet and promise of the all-Russian scale. Bet will do and the program itself. Actually, this is the main intrigue of the project is to lose weight, to take the top prize.

      “I’m always on something I bet: on desires, actions or interest. If I had lost weight on a dare, would do everything: starving myself, drinking water. I’m sure that would stick to the last and always won. I all, – frankly said Elena. – I just have such disputes to participate was not necessary. I’ve never had a big problem with weight. I weigh around 58 kilograms with an increase of 176. Not weighed constantly. Feel yourself comfortable to me. But most importantly, if you had a figure like yourself! In no case do not succumb to depressive moods. You think I’m perfect? Sometimes they come up to the mirror and see there’s something in there got out, but first, smile at yourself, and then go to the hall, you can arrange a fasting day, to sit on the kefir. And in a day come to the mirror, look at yourself, “I still got it – gorgeous!”.

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