How to meet New year and Christmas in Russia: 5 interesting facts

Как встречали Новый год и Рождество Христово на Руси: 5 интересных фактов recalls the story of the appearance of the main winter holidays and ancient traditions of the celebration.

Fact # 1. With time
New year celebrations in Russia a
century was full of inconsistency

Как встречали Новый год и Рождество Христово на Руси: 5 интересных фактов

Ancient Slavs-tillers was considered the day a New year begins March 1

Photo: Victor Tolochko/TASS

In the old days celebration date
the main winter holiday
was full
and vacillation. Ancient
Slavs-tillers believed
the first day of the new year on March 1 when I started
in the fields after the winter. According to other sources, it was March 22 — the vernal equinox.

A pagan ancestors, who considered his
deity evil frost wizard
The snap (Karachun) with which they
managed to “friends” only thanks
wiles celebrated the New year
on the shortest day of the year
and one of the coldest days of winter —
“winter solstice”.

988 when Prince Vladimir
Svyatoslavich of Christianity in Russia, was adopted and the Byzantine calendar.
New year celebration was postponed
1 September — the time when the crop is
was assembled, all agricultural work is completed and
had to start a new life cycle.

Since in Russia there were two holidays: the old way
in the spring and new fall. Differences
lasted until the FIFTEENTH century, when the decree
Tsar Ivan III the official date
celebrate the New year in Russia became
1 September and for the Church and for worldly

Fact # 2. Date
the main winter holiday in Russia was introduced by the Emperor
Peter I

Как встречали Новый год и Рождество Христово на Руси: 5 интересных фактов

The exact date of the main winter holiday in Russia was introduced by Emperor Peter I

Only in 1699
Peter I by his decree ordered to count the countdown the New year from 31 Dec to 1 Jan
1700. The young king was introduced
European customs, so at home in holiday
the night by his command were decorated
pine, spruce and juniper
branches on samples exposed in
Gostiny Dvor — the way it from time immemorial
did in Holland.

that’s 1,700 th
this is the beginning of the new century. In
historical documents recorded,
in the first “Peter” of the new year
night on red square was arranged
fireworks, cannon and
gun salutes, the Muscovites were ordered
shoot from muskets and lobbing rockets
near their homes. Nobles and soldiers
was dressed in Hungarian coats, and
women dressed in foreign dress.

new holiday saying, “full
“. Stormy celebrations continued
until January 6 and ended with a procession to the Jordan.

Contrary to Russian custom, the Emperor was not of the clergy
the rich vestments, and stood on the shore
The Moscow river in uniform surrounded by
The Preobrazhensky and Semenovsky regiments,
dressed in green kaftans and coats with
gold buttons and braid.

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