Ирина Тонева совершила гастрономическое путешествие
The soloist of group “Factory” guess the dish blindfolded.

Irina Toneva

Irina Toneva, Sati Kazanova,
Marika Kravtsova, Irena Ponaroshku, Alice Tolkacheva, Anna Kalashnikova and
other stars who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and some of
them vegetarian, vegan and raw-food nutrition have become parties
adventures – HLS-performance OPEN MIND journey (Journey
Open Mind) in the space
FLAVOR&COLOR to the Design factory “Flacon”. This production combines
elements of the tour, the quest, the immersion of the show and musical performance.

The first step was deli
journey with a blindfold tasting “smart and healthy food.” Participants
had to guess the ingredients, and at the end of the experiment to verify the accuracy
their taste hypotheses. Guests had the opportunity to play on
unusual instruments, which was… fruits and vegetables! Rhapsody on
fruit and vegetable synthesizer could perform any, all that is needed
— the desire and a little sense of rhythm.

“I hadn’t seen that when I
vegetables sounded, but it turns out that it is possible, admitted 7days.ru Irina Toneva. — The sounds of fruits and vegetables can
was to dance. Although all the guests stuck it to extract audio from pumpkins
peppers and tomatoes”.

Guests under the guidance of actress
Catherine Primorsko tried meditation and a knowledge
your intuition and the manifestation of “sixth sense”. And then the author of the teachings
“Awareness through the accommodation victimhood” Nikolay Mironenko, made
a personalised map, projecting the inner world of each participant.

“Almost everything I love, everything
I wonder happened with me that night — shared Toneva impressions of the play. — It was still magical to taste
mouth-watering raw food and vegetarian dishes with my eyes closed and with magic
the music in the headphones. Thank you
ideological inspirer of the project Alena Zlobina and for the opportunity
“going to space on earth” (one of the halls of the space is called
#COSMOS). The most important spiritual practice is to be with yourself, for example,
when you eat Breakfast, when walking in the street when you are talking to
when you have just been 5 minutes, do not take their “important” business, and just
listen to your breath. Let you hear what the world is for you, and then everything
will only get better”.