ВИДЕО: Сын Золотухина исполнит песни отца
The heir of an actor prepares to burn the disc.

Ivan Zolotukhin

In the past year son of Valery Zolotukhin, Ivan, a student of class 6
Lomonosov school, there have been many important events.

“I starred in the film “Eins, Zwei, Drei” and played a major role
Lomonosov in the musical “the great path” which we have twice played in
Lomonosov school — shared with 7days.ru Ivan. — The role is pretty
it is symbolic for me, because my birthday is November eighteenth, and
University — nineteenth. Here is a near miss! This brand
the original production, which came up with the scientific supervisor of our school
Marat Alexandrovich Of Zigana. I know that the first cast of steel
3rd year students from different universities, and this year, in honor of the 305 th anniversary of Lomonosov,
the main role in the production played for me. For me it was exciting and
responsibly — I only this year moved into the Lomonosov school, and from the role!
By the way, the first performer, which I “passed” the baton, did one of the
theatre schools”.

Now the heir of Valery Zolotukhin holds
winter vacation at his dacha outside Moscow, where the boy always has something
to do. “For example, says Ivan, is to play basketball, tennis, Billiards,
pull up the school subjects for which I was a little behind, to get
the best result in the next quarter”.

Zolotukhin, Jr. admits that he is
the person who usually, generally, not planning anything.

“But this year there is one thing we
planned along with her mother, actress and Director Irina Lindt, says young
actor. — We want to make you a CD of songs dad. This is our dream. And
more not planning anything because I don’t like to do that, I live in the present”.