Николь Кидман сделала шокирующее признание
The actress shared candid details of his personal life.

Photo credit: megabass / MEGA

Nicole Kidman open up about his family problems. In an interview to a famous magazine the 49-year-old actress, among other things, admitted that he can’t stand when people don’t keep their promises.

And that is what her husband Keith urban, rumors of an impending divorce which literally do not cease for a single day. Nicole says that her husband often does not respond to her calls, although he knows how she worries and goes crazy if he does. Nicole nothing can be done about it and calling the beloved until, until kit comes up with an answer.

Apparently, the urban habit not to answer calls wife especially “useful” to him in the past year, when the musician spent six months touring with his band, and almost didn’t see Nicole.

Rumor has it that urban returned to their habits of an alcoholic and lover of soft drugs.

However, now the actress is too busy to think about her husband. Began the endless festivals and ceremonies — opened., the front and the main event in the world of cinema — the ceremony “Oscar”.

Nicole will be nominated for the role in his new film, and while she shines on the red carpet and give interviews. It seems to be a lot of annoying her husband, who is known to be very jealous of the fame of his wife.

Despite all of the above, Kidman continues to hope for the best, that she will be able to save your second marriage. Otherwise, it is unlikely that in the same interview, Nicole would have admitted that her husband helped her through the sudden death of my beloved father two years ago.

“Keith came immediately — says the star. — Canceled their performances. He literally saved me: were on hand and cradled like a baby for two weeks. I am insanely grateful to him. He and our girls are 8-year-old Sunday and 6-year-old Faith made me rethink my life values and priorities.”