ВИДЕО: Анна Чурина рассказала о шпионских страстях
The actress starred in the detective about the great Patriotic War.

Anna Churina admitted that he wanted to play in a film about
The great Patriotic war, and now her dream came true. Actress
plays a major role in the spy detective “won’t say Goodbye” on
the defense of the city of Kalinin (now Tver, where he is shooting) in the days of the offensive
the German army on Moscow in the autumn of 1941.

“When I first came to the site and saw their
colleagues in uniform, eyes filled with tears and emotions I was simply overwhelmed — shared
Anna 7days.ru. – The war touched every family in our
the country, including mine. Our grandparents went through this pitch
hell, but all that survived, had children, went to visit. We with Sergey Gorobchenko
we play a married couple, our characters —
NKVD is quite hard, but at home, when both are without form, it
as we call them budgerigars. They love each other and
survive one another. And when an extreme situation — the Germans
here in Kalinin, for my character there is nothing worse than to lose
loved one”.

In the film “to say Goodbye will not” are starring Andrey Merzlikin, Egor Beroev, Elena Zakharova, Arthur Waha and other artists.

Anna Churina