Скандал: Джонни Депп вновь подал в суд на Эмбер Херд
The actor believes that the ex-wife spends it time for PR.


Immediately after the New year continued the controversial battle between johnny Depp and amber heard. Depp’s lawyer Laura Wasser appeared in court with a new statement of his client. Depp blames ex-wife filed on him in December to the court for a postponement of the promised money, “the elementary desire to extend their 15 minutes of fame and to prove that she has everything anyone might be interesting.” So cruel allegations prove how Depp’s mad at amber after her attempts to strike another blow to his reputation.

In August, the couple signed a pre-agreement according to which the actor agreed to pay amber heard $ 7 million. Or rather, not to her personally, and those charities and organizations that she indicated. All of them are somehow connected with the assistance to women victims of domestic violence. Hurd, in turn, agreed never to return to the charges that she filed Depp when he filed for him in court immediately after the announcement about the divorce and under no circumstances not to disclose information about their marriage. Depp’s lawyers believe that amber has broken the agreement, spoke about the need to immediately call for help and not to be silent in distress women. In this interview, Hurd hinted that regrets that she failed to do so, preferring some time to hide the truth. Thus, according to lawyers, she actually accused Depp of domestic violence.

The first response step followed, when Depp and his crew rolled out the actress account for 100 of thousands of dollars in additional costs. Laura Wasser sarcastically remarked in a press interview that if it goes on, from 7 million nothing left — all the money will be deducted from this amount to meaningless games that started amber. And here is a new course, the lawyers decided to charge heard in the desire to waste the time of judges and Depp solely for PR. The response of advocates Hurd is not followed.