How to make a kitchen talking

Как заставить кухню говорить

“Leroy Merlin” will help to establish communication in the home through effective design solutions: the household leave your message directly on the facade of the kitchen.

Как заставить кухню говорить

Modern family has long been not going at the dinner table and can be found in full force in the kitchen only on weekends. But, in any case, the kitchen remains the center of attraction of the household members of the family can enjoy it alone, but certainly everyone goes there several times a day. Therefore, the kitchen area should be as comfortable: thoughtful design can solve not only the basic task of cooking and eating, and more — for example, communication in the home.

“Leroy Merlin” updated collection cuisine Delinia, adding new designs, improving combinatorics and functionality. Among the proposals presented stylish two interactive options — “Graphite” and “Plum”. Both facades have a smooth, pleasant to touch surface: effect of velvety gives them a special tech film. Each facade has its own distinctive feature: “Graphite” you can write with chalk, and the “Drain” of bright shimmers with reflected light.

A new collection from “Leroy Merlin” — facades with magnetic marker coating, through which the kitchen becomes a center of interactive communications for the entire family. Now each family member or guest house may leave a message with the help of special inserts in the facade cuisine. High quality Japanese glass you can write and draw water with markers, and with a magnet to attach the note or a shopping list for the home owner.

In addition to the original design, the kitchen should be comfortable, even with a small footage of the apartment. Here, the main layout. With proper placement of small meals a lot of advantages!
According to research conducted in Germany revealed that, with the right planning and arrangement of space, the hostess can reduce up to 60% of distance and a saving of about 27% of time spent on cooking.

One of the most competent planning specialists consider the “work triangle” – refrigerator — Desk — shell Desk — plate. All these activity zones should be located at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Between activity zones should be work surfaces that allow hosts to freely cook.

In addition to innovation in design and comfort, the company Leroy Merlin provides 25 years guarantee on parts and accessories for kitchen furniture Delinia, which once again confirms the high quality of our products! All parts and accessories under the trademark “Delinia” tested leading Russian and foreign laboratories for compliance with Russian and European requirements to the production of furniture production.

Thanks to advanced combinations of food, and a wide range of additional guarantees in the “Leroy Merlin” everyone can choose for themselves the best option and also make the “heart of the home” place where you do not want to leave!

Full collection of tips for installing kitchens from “Leroy Merlin” shown on the website.

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