Как продлить стойкость парфюма в жару: 7 полезных советов

In summer, the perfume fades, just when you go out? As explained by the famous “nose” Francis Kurkdjian, the fact that warm air and humidity increase sweat production, which destroys the flavor. Fortunately, there are many ways to extend the durability of the perfume. SPLETNIK.RU talks about the most interesting of them.

Apply moisturizer

The worst mistake is to apply perfume on dry skin, it quickly absorbs aromatic oils so the perfume will not stick. The founder of the brand Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle Frederic the target, however recommends that further moisturize the skin before you apply perfume — scented (bath line your flavor) or universal unscented lotion. The expert perfume shop Rebecca Richmond explains that hydrated skin make perfume, and they will be held two to three times longer. Another simple way to extend the durability of the fragrance is to apply it on damp skin after a shower or after using the body balm. Perfume molecules quickly adhere to the molecules of the lotion, in addition to moistened skin the scent lasts longer.

Как продлить стойкость парфюма в жару: 7 полезных советов

Apply the aroma on the elbows, wrists, and belly button…

Instead of spraying perfume in the air and then walk through a fragrant cloud, as taught by the French, put it on the point of pulsation of the neck, the bend of the elbow, wrist, chest, the area behind the earlobes and knees. In these places the skin is heated more likely that they will allow your spirits to stay longer. The fragrance can be applied not on one but on all points. And Liv Tyler advises to RUB the perfume between your fingers and touch the umbilical region: “My father is Steven Tyler always does. In these places is always hot and the perfume notes like it a lot. Just be sure that the fragrance does not cause allergies”.

Как продлить стойкость парфюма в жару: 7 полезных советов

Store the bottles away from sunlight

Experts strongly advise to remove your perfume on the bedside tables. Direct sunlight destroys the chemical bonds, so the flavors can deteriorate. Remember that in bottles of black glass spirits stored longer. In any case, regardless of the color of the packaging is best to store perfume in a cool and dark place (some even use the fridge).

Как продлить стойкость парфюма в жару: 7 полезных советов

Choose a more resistant composition

Founder of experimental perfume club Emmanuel Moglen believes that citrus and fresh scents — the most unstable and summer will be 20 minutes or so. Woody and musky compositions have much more “stamina”. Kurkjian, advises to pay attention to the heavy floral or middle Eastern flavors, born in a hot climate and tested for centuries. “The hotter the temperature in the country,” he explains, “the stronger and heavier the smell”. Toilet water is not suitable for the hot and humid weather.

It is better to use a perfume instead of toilet water or the concentrated version of the line says, Kurkdjian, which also advises to use a flavored oils for a more long lasting aroma. Yes, they are more expensive, but the flavor will not leave you until the evening.

Как продлить стойкость парфюма в жару: 7 полезных советов

Use lip balm

According to Kate Evans from Angela Flanders Perfumery, just applying lip balm on the wrists or neck before spraying the perfume, you are much prolong its durability. The secret is in its greasy (vaseline) based, which gives the aroma to breathe.

Как продлить стойкость парфюма в жару: 7 полезных советов

Do not RUB perfume

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian explains that the friction heats the skin, which produces natural enzymes, they alter the strength of flavor.

Как продлить стойкость парфюма в жару: 7 полезных советов

Use the veil to the hair

Hair have the ability to quickly absorb and permanently retain odors. So why not use it? However, in normal spirits the alcohol content is quite high, so not to cause harm to the hair, use a special haze and veils. The founder of perfume brand Byredo, Ben Gorham believes that hair often fragrance better than skin:

You just need to be a little more careful, because perfume contains alcohol that can harm the hair. Use the versions of fragrances, created especially for hair, or if your perfume does not have to suffer such a fate, just spray it on the brush. Combing the flavor subtly and delicately absorbed without any risk of drying the hair.

If you don’t want to apply perfume on hair, then try to spray it on clothes. The fibers of the fabric perfectly retain odors, and you can be sure that you will smell good throughout the day. By the way, there are perfumes specially created for application to clothing. For example, Guerlain (although with light clothing better to be careful, can be spot).