Мастера макияжа и кисти: самые невероятные перевоплощения визажистов в знаменитостей

If you have ever spent more than five minutes in front of the mirror, trying to draw cheekbones like Kim Kardashian, you will agree that makeup is a work of art. SPLETNIK.RU introduces you to the beauty bloggers and makeup artists who so mastered the craft that at one stroke of the brush transform in the world of celebrities. In our material, the most striking transformation.

Not so long ago on YouTube there was a video of Chinese makeup artist Miki Yui, who decided to transform into the Mona Lisa famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Yui spent to make six hours, but the result was worth it — a few million views. By the way, this is not the first beauty experiment Li. She has already tried on the images of Taylor swift, Selena Gomez and cate Blanchett.


Makeup artist from Croatia Marina Mommy also gained an army of fans thanks to its ability to transform into celebrities using makeup. The girl already had time to visit Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, Jennifer aniston, Celine Dion and Cara Delevingne.

Do not argue, some of the images are too cartoonish, but the male role she is given with success. Just look at the Marina in the image of Michael Jackson, johnny Depp and al Pacino!


Мастера макияжа и кисти: самые невероятные перевоплощения визажистов в знаменитостей

Italian artist, makeup artist and a big fan of theatre, music and cinema Lucia Pittalis almost every day, surprising his fans in social networks in a new way. Today she is the star of “the Godfather” Marlon Brando, tomorrow is Walter white from the TV series “breaking bad” or Queen Elizabeth II.

Important here is the training: I view your photos, movies, videos, select the desired. Then think about how to transfer the image from the screen at your face. It’s like a game actor. I must become the character. It’s kind of the process of immersion in the image of another person. I have become that person to get on his wavelength. I usually put the background music associated with a character,

says the makeup artist.

Lucia admits that buying “any old junk” such as wigs and accessories at flea markets, and then spend hours sitting in front of the mirror, turning himself into someone else.

One of the most difficult works for Lucia still remains the image of rocky (Sylvester Stallone). Lucia took more than five hours in makeup, as she had to carefully study three pictures with bruises on his face rocky. People who want to try your hand at reincarnation through makeup, Lucia recommends:

Love the character that you want to create and enjoy the process, don’t try the first time to obtain a perfect result, and realistically assess their own capabilities. With experience everything will turn out perfect!


English artist Elliot Joseph Rentz — great talent! Studying his profile in Instagram, we’ve been looking at the screen and wondered, not photoshop. The young man so masterfully transformed into Madonna, Kim Kardashian, cher, johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities that we want to catch him cheating. But no, the video clearly proves otherwise. Makeup artist from Manchester, admits that the whole make-up it usually takes 40 to 50 minutes.



Chinese vlogger Wang Heaven also has mastered the technique of makeup. She keeps a vlog on the website Pear, which demonstrates his mastery. With the help of Foundation, shadows and brushes Heaven turns into a global celebrity.

The girl has already tried on the images of Britney Spears, Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor swift and others. And fans didn’t think all this magic is just photoshop, blogger often satisfied with for subscribers video, which shows how grimiruetsya, transforming into stars. According to the girl, this process is labor intensive and takes about four hours.

Мастера макияжа и кисти: самые невероятные перевоплощения визажистов в знаменитостей

Мастера макияжа и кисти: самые невероятные перевоплощения визажистов в знаменитостей

At the Italian Roberta Laross not besieged by clients: she masterfully creates classic wedding images, the make-up for the filming of glossy magazines and for special occasions. However, the network makeup artist became famous thanks to the transformations to Taylor swift, David Beckham, Kylie Jenner and other stars. For her work in Instagram already monitors more than 60 thousand people.