How to choose interior elements?

Как подобрать элементы интерьера?

The American interior will look perfect only if all the design elements are well matched. Every stroke is important, because the tiniest detail can successfully complement the overall picture or spoil the overall impression. Elements of decor — not just for decoration, they make the environment unique and elegant, allow us to reflect the character traits of the owner of the house. Designer interior accessories can tell a lot about you, transforming each room into a work of art.

Как подобрать элементы интерьера?

General rules

American style, despite the brevity and visual simplicity, very expressive. But there are no decorative excesses, often used in other stylistic directions. Practicality and convenience are combined with discreet luxury. These nuances are sure to consider when choosing interior elements — in this democratic style do not need to adhere to a strict framework, but it is important to keep the main pivot that supports the design decision.

Как подобрать элементы интерьера?

American style welcomes architectural design, natural luxury and absolute comfort, not accepting the slightest hint of vulgarity. Designers follow a conceptual approach, treating the room as a whole, working through the overall strategy, not the individual technical details. This creates a completely harmonious environment. On the other hand, American style eclectic, that is, combines the influence of different cultures, therefore, a valid combination of diverse elements, if appropriate in the overall concept. Art Deco, country, rustic, classic, colonial style — each of these has found its place in the American design.

Как подобрать элементы интерьера?

The layout and colors

American classic implies symmetry and proportionality, so many things are placed in pairs opposite of each other. Furniture and decorative elements located on either side of the axis of symmetry passing through the centre of the design composition.

Как подобрать элементы интерьера?

The color palette is dominated by neutral colors — white, black, brown, gray, beige and numerous shades. Often used smoky tones and complex tones. The interior looks slightly blurred or, on the contrary, contrast (echo of the influence of art Deco). Most of the surfaces are plain, but the interior elements (carpets, curtains, decorative pillows) are permitted the freedom — relevant patterns, designs, shades and textures. The most popular are geometric patterns with symmetry and rhythm: zigzags, stripes, checks, rhombuses, polygons, etc. Usually ornamental or patterned surface monochrome.

Как подобрать элементы интерьера?

Attention to detail


American style uses local lighting techniques — Golden or silver lamps, sconces or table lamps with shades made of natural materials (parchment, linen, silk) allow you to allocate separate zones of the interior and create a cozy atmosphere. In the living room almost always set the floor lamps flanking the sides of sofas or chairs. Also in this room you can meet opulent chandeliers with pendants of crystal, which is an independent element, sometimes determining the design of the room. Necessarily used in the dining room ceiling light in chandeliers, hanging lamps or several similar lamps.

Как подобрать элементы интерьера?


Textiles played an important role in forming the whole image of the interior. Choosing curtains, carpets, blankets and bedspreads prefer quiet pastel tones, combined with the basic color scheme or choose a bright contrasting shades to place color accents. Relevant in American geometric design patterns (stripes or cage), ethnic patterns, design textiles. American upholstered furniture upholstered in leather or natural fabrics — plain or streaked, sometimes with ethnic or natural ornaments.

Как подобрать элементы интерьера?

Carpets are combined with the overall style of the room, most often they are quiet, muted, tones, monochrome or floral prints or geometric patterns. The Windows are drawn heavy curtains made of natural fabrics or light air Roman or Austrian blinds. The swags are appropriate for the bedroom, you should choose simple shapes. You need to consider that too lush elements in the American style are not used.


In the interior can not do without accessories, both antique and modern. They must be combined with strict geometric forms and restrained tones of American style. To create the desired atmosphere using painting, sculpture, decorative ceramics, vases, chests or wicker baskets. Should prefer natural materials — leather, wood, stone, metal (bronze, brass or silver), crystal or glass. Sometimes the permissible application of advanced composite and polymer materials, high-tech alloys.

Well look at the American interior vintage items, and handmade accessories — they emphasize the refinement of design. Walls are decorated not only with paintings but also prints, wall clocks, decorative mirrors, sconces. It is important to remember that American style implies a feeling of spaciousness, so to overload the room details not necessary, just a few tasteful items.

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