Жаркие фото с медового месяца Ягудина и Тотьмяниной

Olympic Champions are resting on the French coast.

For a honeymoon the couple chose the Cote d’azur in France and flew for six days in nice just the two of us, leaving daughters – six-year-old and six-month-old Lisa Michelle – at close.

Seem to be a couple, which is so rarely to be alone with each other, should completely disconnect from the outside world, but Tatiana and Alex continue to share with fans photos from vacation. Yes such explicit that subscribers just in shock!

First, Alex posted a photo where he and wife lie in bed and, apparently, Tatiana is completely naked in the photo. Behind agodini similar snapshot she shared Totmianina and then fans out their Laundry on the star athlete and the truth is not!

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Make a beautiful shot Anastasia Volochkova, she would immediately lashing out, and the skaters got only compliments.

Fans felt so intimate shots very romantic and tender, noted that the couple looks really happy, and Tatiana no makeup is insanely beautiful… spouse had the idea to do a selfie in bed, history is silent. But it’s safe to say that now the accounts of stars fans will be watching even more closely.

Recall that the couple spontaneously went to the registry office in February 2016 after several years of living in a civil marriage. Wedding skaters played in Krasnoyarsk without magnificent celebrations and even without the white dress.

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