Надежда Михалкова похвасталась дорогим подарком дочки
The actress revealed that Nina wanted to have a birthday.

Daughter Of Hope Mikhalkova.

Photo: @Instagram nadiamixalkova Hope Mikhalkova

The Hope Mikhalkov held a children’s holiday in the format of “two in one”. Party in honor of the birthday: Nina and Vanya was quite small, just for close friends of the actress. All the details of the party Hope left behind the scenes. But the next day she revealed a little secret of the past celebration. Mikhalkov showed that it was asked on the day of the birth of her seven-year-old daughter Nina.

And she asked parents popular among young people transport: gyrometer. Now my daughter Mikhalkova famously travels through the streets of the capital on the speed of the vehicle. The gift, however, was negative. For the fast transport was not so easy to keep up. Hope complained that a little tired to chase down the road with Nina.

Five-year-old Mikhalkov, who yesterday was also the birthday boy, received the gift from mom and dad a new collectible action figure of a superhero. Vanya has already gathered almost the entire collection of the characters of Marvel comics.

Yesterday, Nina’s father and Vani — Rezo Gigineishvili touching turned to his ex-wife. “Nadia, thank you, congratulations to us happy birthday to kittens!” — wrote the Director in social networks. Such a warm greeting gave fans hope that the couple in the future will be able to reunite and forget old grudges.