Alla Pugacheva chose for the newborn grandson of the original name

Алла Пугачева выбрала для новорожденного внука оригинальное имя
The diva shared historical images.

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While Nikita Presnyakov yesterday with friends celebrating the 27th anniversary of the Metropolitan places of entertainment, his grandmother indulged in nostalgia. Alla Pugacheva has published several archival photos and videos related to grandson.

Movie, footage of which was shown by Donna, was made at the time of checkout Nikita from the hospital. At the first meeting of Alla with her newborn grandson. At that time, the parents of the child, Kristina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov, still not fully decided how the call of the son, and the singer suggested. Pugacheva decided that his grandson should give an original name ray. Now, many years later, fans say that the name really came to Nikita.

Alla Pugacheva and Nikita Presnyakov

A couple of hours before Pugachev showed photos of little Nikita on hand. In the commentary, the artist turned to the birthday boy: “I’m glad of a little boy who was flying with me on the road, grew a great musician and singer. Good luck to you all, love and health. Happy birthday!”

Nikita, though born in a family of pop singers, paving your own path to glory. The last four years he has been busy recording the debut album of alternative band “Multiverse” fronted. Presnyakov proud of the result. It is curious that the famous family were not involved in the creation of the album, because Nikita refused on principle to funding on the part of parents.