Тоска съедает: вдова Хворостовского не может смириться с его смертью
Florence swears eternal love to her late husband.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky with his wife Florence

Photo: Social networks

Since the death of Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s been six months. For all of you who were close with the singer, his death was a great tragedy. Many even six months later still can’t accept what has happened. Especially grieved his death, Florence, the widow of National artist. She often publishes his photos on the social network tells of how hard life without a loved one.

“It’s been six months since you left. Still very hard to think about it. I miss you so much, Dima! I will love you forever,” wrote Florence.

The wife of the deceased Hvorostovsky is recognized that the still cannot listen to his voice in the recording. Since then, as it is not, Florence has been unable to bring myself to listen to any Aria in a performance of Dmitry… In April she and her children: Nina and Maxim visited Moscow in order to visit the grave of a loved one.

Can’t believe the artist’s death, by the way, and his close friend Anna Netrebko. Recently, she showed one last photo of Dmitry. It was in Toronto during their joint concert. “This day a year ago we sang our concert with Dima in Toronto… alas, the last” — recently shared her Anna.