Holiday comes to name the best movies about Christmas

Праздник приходит: названы лучшие фильмы о Рождестве

In the eve of winter holidays, Forbes magazine published a list of the best films about Christmas and New year.

Making a list of the most popular films, journalists first of all paid attention to the amount of money gathered by the founders during the premiere. Also the important role played by the rating pattern.

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In the end, the top of the list unreservedly took everyone’s favorite Comedy “home Alone” with Macaulay Carcinom in the lead role, which was released in 1990. The film grossed in the US, about 285 million dollars, and in the world, with 476 million dollars.

In second place was the film “how the Grinch stole Christmas” with Jim Carrey, filmed in 2000. He brought the creators nearly $ 260 million.

Tape “Polar Express” in 2004 with Tom Hanks came in third place. It the Directors and producers managed to earn about 183 million dollars.

Also, the five leaders were such films as “home Alone – 2: Lost in new York” 1992 with an income of 174 million dollars and “Elf” 2003 with 173 million dollars. In the first film again starred Macaulay Culkin, while the second was marked by will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel.

Next on the list are painting the “Santa Claus” and “Santa Claus 2” and “Christmas story”, “Four Christmas”, “Santa Claus – 3”.

The last line took the tape of “the Nativity”, which tells the biblical story about the life of the virgin Mary and Joseph before their arrival in Bethlehem.