Gosha Kutsenko becomes an inveterate drunkard without a job

Гоша Куценко спивается без работы

Famous Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko told in candid interviews about their problems and preferences, private life and beloved work, without which it just.. becomes an inveterate drunkard.

Ghosh considers himself calls a workaholic. It is recognized that when there are no prompts, it just does not know what to do.
“If I have to go on vacation, no work just drink too much” — says the artist.
After a week in rolling out art, the band “Doctor” is the debut directorial work of Gosha.
“This is the story of five days in the life of the doctor. There is no direct story, related to me, but is a collection of stories that I have seen and heard. The film is dedicated to all who were not saved, and the great work of physicians, particularly neurosurgeons,” says Kutsenko. By the way, the actor admitted that if Russia had the opportunity to introduce euthanasia, it would support such a decision.
The actor has two daughters. One is all grown up – twenty-year-old Pauline, born in marriage with Maria Poroshina, and tiny Eugenia 2.5 years, which the artist gave birth to his second wife Irina, Skrinichenko. Gosh loves daughters, but admits that to each is different.
“I have a grown daughter Polina. When she was born, it was a different time, I was different. Zhenya blew my heart such love I have not experienced. I hurry towards it, eager to see at the first opportunity” — says the artist. Jack grows curious and inquisitive, the parents are already doing her training. Reaching three years of age, she already speaks English, dancing and singing, draws, and even writes poetry.
The family lives in the suburbs, here Jack went to kindergarten at the age of eighteen months. She was the youngest in the group, but quickly adapted.
“Good job!” — does not nahastailea gosh.