UAE: RAS al-Khaimah — a new Mecca for tourists

ОАЭ: Рас-эль-Хайма — новая Мекка туристов
The most Northern Emirate of the UAE is not accidentally called “Beverly hills on the shore of the Persian Gulf”: here you will be provided with a beach holiday and excursions, and interesting shopping.

ОАЭ: Рас-эль-Хайма — новая Мекка туристов

small hours by plane from Moscow and you are in RAS al-Khaimah, the capital of the most Northern Emirate of the UAE.
Distance from Dubai is 87 km from Sharjah — 71 km Road from the international airports of both Emirates takes 35-45 minutes. You can get there by taxi or shuttles that go every
hour. From Russia to UAE fly several major airlines (Emirates, Air Arabia, Qatar Airways) that at any time of the year takes you to bright sun, heat and sandy beaches near the sea.

ОАЭ: Рас-эль-Хайма — новая Мекка туристов

The “tip tent”: the historical legacy

The historical center of the Emirate of RAS al-Khaimah — the oldest city in the UAE, the first ever port in the Persian Gulf. He, as found by the archaeologists, was founded in V century BC in an unusually good location — on the crossroad of the East and West. An extraordinary variety of landscapes and suitable for farming soil immediately attracted the attention of early settlers. To this day it is the green Emirate with shady groves and gardens. There is a third date plantations of the UAE, grow and export a lot of vegetables and fruits.

ОАЭ: Рас-эль-Хайма — новая Мекка туристов

The town that arose on this spot in ancient times, was called Julfar, its inhabitants were engaged in the extraction and sale of pearls. (Large pearl market today and popular among tourists. And in the Museum of pearls give every tourist pearl on memory.) Then the city and the territory of the Emirate was renamed in RAS al-Khaimah, which in Arabic means “top of the
tent”. Quite a fitting name for oblong Emirate. (There is another interpretation of the name — “Rising Emirate”, due to the rapid development of tourism in recent years.) Legend has it that this place was once chosen by the ruler of one of the nomadic tribes for the installation of the tent. Another legend makes the heart flutter: they say it was the caravan of the Queen of Sheba, which made a trip to king Solomon. By the way, one of the most famous inhabitants of the ancient city — seaman Ahmad Bin Majid, nicknamed Sea lion. Largely thanks to him, lucky and skillful Navigator, Vasco da Gama discovered the route to India.

In RAS al-Khaimah carefully they honor tradition and carefully guard their historical
monuments, proudly showing them to tourists.

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