Вот изменник! Клуни застукали с другой

How can that be?! Just a year and a half has passed since the wedding, and he looks to the left. Did Clooney not created for marriage?

Here is an amazing people – the women. While George Clooney was a confirmed bachelor, everyone said to marry him, and tried to find a suitable bride. And when he was the one that was able to drag him to the altar, those same women here in the voice grumbled: a pier, will not last long. Clooney is not a good husband. He’s a confirmed bachelor!

It is no wonder that from the wedding day popular actor and well-known lawyer Amal Alamuddin evil tongues them almost every day and breed quarrels. It is reported in the media that newly-made wife of actor infuriates her star husband eats in bed, then criticized for the fact that spouses rarely see each other…

The pair, however, all the time denies the rumors. Enough to appear in public together, and all doubts about marriage volatilize. But, apparently, there’s no smoke without fire…

It seems that this star couple is not so smooth. How else to explain that after a year and a half after the wedding, Clooney walked in for a kiss with an unknown blonde?

The paparazzi caught Hollywood actor on the output of one of the restaurants in Los Angeles. Next to him was a spectacular lady. It would seem, what here such? Man cannot dine in the company of women? Of course, maybe if the dinner does not end with a passionate kiss.

Going to the car, Clooney clutched the woman in a hug and kissed him on the lips, not hesitating opinions of friends and bystanders.

What is it? Is really a confirmed bachelor didn’t sustain family life?

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