Her husband beat psychic Tatyana Larina in front of the son. PHOTO

Муж избил экстрасенса Татьяну Ларину на глазах у сына. ФОТО Spouse during the year was raised at the clairvoyant’s hand and stole the money. When the woman could no longer endure, she filed for divorce. Tatiana admitted that she constantly had to cover up the bruises that remained on her body after a showdown with Julius.
Муж избил экстрасенса Татьяну Ларину на глазах у сына. ФОТО

Point in case of divorce of the stars of “the battle of psychics” and Julia Mitkevich-Dalecki should be delivered this week. Tatiana went to court in September, when unable longer to endure constant beatings and infidelity. And yet a year ago, Tatiana Larina and Julius Mitkevich-dalecki was happy and even planned to have a baby through IVF.

“At some point things changed– confessed “StarHit” Tatiana. – Julius became aggressive, frustrated. When hitting me, I was in a strange state, as if drugged. The next day I woke up a different person and acted as if nothing had happened. And I had to cover the bruises. One day, Yegor, my eight year old son from his first marriage, witnessed the showdown. Now, he says, “Mom, you have to stay married. Your uncle will beat”, – said Tatiana.

Муж избил экстрасенса Татьяну Ларину на глазах у сына. ФОТО

The couple met in 2015, when both participated in the “Battle of psychics.” However, once the project is only Taani’s career took off. With the popularity there were private orders. And then she was offered to lead his own show “diary of a psychic by Tatiana Larina” on the channel “TV-3”. Psychic paid for a rented three-room apartment in St. Petersburg and support the family, because the husband never worked.

“He believed that all my earnings should be divided in half, continues the psychic. – Once took 400 thousand out of hiding and said nothing.It turns out that stole. Patience snapped, when I found out that he was cheating on me. Packed up, took the child and rented an apartment easier,” – shared Larina .
Муж избил экстрасенса Татьяну Ларину на глазах у сына. ФОТО

Julius moved to the new love of ballerina Violetta Fat. The girl familiar with Larina and even attended her birthday party.

“She was aware of the antics of the Dalecki, but Julius knows how to charm. But I wanted a baby from her husband, had planned to do IVF. It almost worked. The next step was replanting. But now I don’t want to procreate with this man. Called the clinic with a request to dispose of the embryo. However, there is required the permission of the other parent. Will deal with this issue immediately after divorce”, – said the psychic.