Tina Kandelaki has unveiled the private life of the son

Тина Канделаки рассекретила личную жизнь сына A few days ago TV presenter decided to meet with the rapper Glory to the CPSU, including the Association “AntiHIV”. Talking with the underground artist, Tina Kandelaki spoke about the interests of their children Melania and Leontius.
Тина Канделаки рассекретила личную жизнь сына

Last Saturday in one of Moscow clubs held a concert of rapper Glory of the Communist party, also known as Purulent. The number of viewers of the speech, Viacheslav Karelin was and TV presenter Tina Kandelaki. Before the event, the star spoke with the artist about the music, battles and modern television.

The conversation Karelin and First released on the YouTube channel “Mustwatch”. The authors of the video was the team of associates who are engaged in the creation of the film “battle”, dedicated to the competitions of performers in the genre of rap. During the meeting with Vyacheslav Tina touched on the interests of their children Melania and Leontius. As the words of a celebrity, her heir is in a relationship with a girl.

“In my childhood the TV was showing Leonid Yakubovich. I graduated high school, went to College, my kids were born, was Yakubovich. My son has grown, I have lived with a girl again Yakubovich. According to son, it is unlikely, but my daughter will probably make me a grandmother in four or five years of probation. And will again Yakubovich… It’s cool, of course, but still went to other heroes. The TV does not produce them. And if on top of this does not happen, as in your case, going from the bottom,” said Kandelaki.

In addition, Tina admitted that her children are addicted to modern culture. “Leo is generally very funny,” said the leader. According to Kandelaki, the son often tests her knowledge of music and asks about the albums and songs.

In the nearest plans of TV stars – participation in the battle with rapper Milky. At first, many took the news as a joke. However, Kandelaki has signaled that it is serious to prepare for the encounter with the contractor. “Yes, of course I promised,” shared Tina.

Later Kandelaki has shared his impressions of the meeting with Vyacheslav in his Telegram channel. Tina found the rapper and his colleagues representing the Association “AntiHIV”, interesting people.

“Acquaintance grew into a long conversation – discussed musical tastes of my children, interview Glory Jure Dude, talked about Posner, TV-formats and my future battle with the Milky. Slava, Victor and Andrew (Deputy) turned out to be interesting people – in the end spoke with them for about forty minutes,” wrote the star.

By the way, from November 5 on channel STS starts a new vocal show “Success”, which is called the successor of the popular project American Idol. The leading program became Vera Brezhneva, and the jury included Purulent and Philip.