Heidi Klum is already being prepared for Halloween

Хайди Клум уже вовсю готовится к Хэллоуину
The model promised to dress up this year in a truly scary costume.

Хайди Клум уже вовсю готовится к Хэллоуину

Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum on Halloween in 2014


Although the holiday, which is usually
dressed in extravagant costumes, that is to
Halloween is still more than six months, Heidi Klum hard at work on
in their own way. The model already share a funny video in which she captured
the initial stage of creating your image.

“Work plan, I usually begin yet
in the summer, because the creation of my costumes — it is long and complex. Because most
my costume includes a lining covering even my face. And the creation of
many of these small plastic fragments is time-consuming. I
often drastically change their appearance — including eyes, teeth and ears. I
I believe that attention to detail is very important!” said Heidi.

The model demonstrated how with her hands
remove the molds, then to them with the utmost precision to produce “gloves” is part of her future suit, which
will sit on it as tight as her own skin. In what way
Heidi will appear at this time, it has been kept secret. However, it is still
allowed himself to hint that this time it will look really

Recall that in past years, Klum is not just
shocked everyone with his appearance, which appeared on the celebration of Halloween.
The most compelling and creepy its way, according to many, became a “suit”
95-year-old woman which was brilliantly transformed the 44-year-old Heidi. Very
a good was and other images — anatomical models “without skin “, a giant multi-colored
butterflies, Indian goddess Kali, sexy Babes Jessica from “Who
framed Roger rabbit”…


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