Jim Carrey was suspected of serious mental health problems

Джима Керри заподозрили в серьезных проблемах с психикой
The actor gave a controversial interview.

Jim Carrey


The other day Jim Carrey was unpleasantly surprised and
puzzled their fans. The fact that the actor gave a completely scandalous
interviews are so strange that it has caused some to question whether all
okay with Jim?

Well-known American journalist, TV reporter cat
Sadler, after a conversation with Jim literally lost from the shock speechless. Kat
met 55-year-old Kerry at a charity event organized by Harper’s Bazaar publication, which bears the name of the ICONS in new York, which usually gather stars and “icons” of fashion. Jim
immediately said Sadler, who tried to take the actor interview: “I wanted
to find an event that would be more meaningless to him
to join. I want to say that this is your bunch of totally and completely
makes no sense, so I chose him!”

A little bewildered kat tried him
to object, Recalling that many celebrities, so-called “icons”,
use its fame to help to do good deeds, help people.
What Jim said, “I don’t believe in that “icons” exist. I and you would not believe, if not
clearly felt the smell of your perfume. I
these “icons” do not care. For the world of the so-called bright personality not
matter. Because the world is just dancing energy fields
a cluster of pyramidal structures…”

But that was not the end. Sadler
tried to distract the actor from his weird reasoning, making him
compliments about eye-catching jacket, which was dressed in the actor. But the popular comedian not
succumbed to this ploy, saying: “It’s not because I got dressed. Just in the world sometimes
happening. This is not our world. We do not play any role. And this is
of course, good news!” And with these words departed.