He sees his house just from the planes

Дмитрий Дюжев видит свой дом только из самолетов
From filming and touring actor is always in the way.

Dmitry and Tatyana Duzheva

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In recent days he has been flying for several
tens of hours and managed to visit the farthest corners of the country. After
he and his wife Tatiana visited the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi, the actor immediately
flew for the tour of the Moscow provincial theater to the far East. Dmitry
busy in the play “Found a cut diamond” which was made as a film Director Sergey Bezrukov.

Moreover, after returning from Sochi, Dyuzhev couldn’t even go home
on the way from one airport to another. Too small was only temporary
the gap between the connecting flights.

But the most interesting
started late, when Dmitri returned back to Moscow from the other end of the country
to the same terminal again to get on a plane and fly out to Tobolsk, on
the shooting of the historic film project. So your house an actor for the last week have seen
literally a glimpse, only through the Windows in the aircraft during
takeoff and landing