Daughter Kim Kardashian is growing a child Prodigy

Дочка Ким Кардашьян растет вундеркиндом
Baby North has passed a difficult exam on the first attempt.

Дочка Ким Кардашьян растет вундеркиндом

Kim Kardashian

Photo: PA Images/TASS

As it became known to the reporter
site radaronline.com a 4-year-old
daughter Kim Kardashian has successfully passed its first test. It right the first time
brilliantly passed the exam ... in kindergarten! This, of course, is not a simple institution, an elite,
located in Bel air. It
accept only the most able children. Moreover, as the administration vows
garden, the fact that the child is raised in a family of celebrities, no way
to increase the chances of the young “students” to get to this place. But received here will have an interesting life
here they will engage in various exciting Affairs, with an emphasis on
the development of creative abilities of children.

Kim and her husband Kanye West,
which, among other things, have to pay for classes at North in the garden of 30 thousand dollars
in the year, we are convinced, however, that this is exactly the kind of education that you want their daughter.
After all, she two years of experience in classical ballet and is considered in my school
one of the best. Besides, Kim and Kanye are extremely concerned about the comprehensive development of girls. Some even believe that
they’re a little “over the top”.

The girl lives on
supermarginal the schedule drawn up by her parents. According to this
schedule, she only has half an hour a day on games and hours talking with
parents. The rest of the time she has to devote to useful classes, including
which includes: fitness classes, gymnastics, and swimming, French lessons
language, ballet, flute, Chinese calligraphy(!), makeup and, of course,

daughter Kim Kardashian North

Photo: Instagram.com