VIDEO: Daria Moroz became interested in hip-hop

ВИДЕО: Дарья Мороз увлеклась хип-хопом
The actress demonstrated what they have learned after five sessions.

Talented people — talented in everything, and Daria Moroz regularly confirms it. The actress, always an open
new knowledge and Hobbies, I decided to learn a new dance — hip-hop. The question
star, as always, treated with the utmost seriousness.

Daria enrolled in school
dancing and decided to demonstrate their newly acquired skills to his fans
after the fifth class. “Don’t judge me!” — signed frost published on
page in social network video. Presentation of the dance caused the subscribers of the star
enthusiastic reaction. “You are beautiful! Very cool! Well done!” — they wrote.

By the way, while Daria learns the basics of youth
dance, her daughter Anna made her debut at the exhibition with his painting, which, of course
same, proud of her mother. To display the girl, and publish
The Internet pictures of child Daria decided only this year, when Ana
was six years old. Before that, she was protecting the baby from unnecessary
the attention of fans and press.

Daughter Darya Moroz, Anna