Has the right? The son of Taisiya Povaliy gave the dirt on mom

Имеет право? Сын Таисии Повалий выдал компромат на маму
The heir to a ridiculed artist.

Taisiya Povaliy

Photo: Social networks

Taisiya Povaliy received an unpleasant surprise from my son. Denis recently, the heir of the artist from his first marriage, celebrated its 35th anniversary. On the rights of the mother of the birthday boy famous blonde drank to his health a glass of champagne.

“Son, we’re already celebrating!” — wrote the artist. A photo with a glass of memories shared in the personal microblog, which is signed by more than 200 thousand people. The reaction of Dennis on the was for Taisia unexpected and probably unpleasant.

The young man made fun of her famous mother. “You get drunk and you go to cuddle?” commented frame Dennis. Most likely, it was said with irony. But users thought that statement was somewhat rude. “You can’t write mother”, “No respect”, “Shame”, “This is a hint that Thais are alcoholics? Why such a compromising the Network spread?” — did fans of the Denis observation.

Taisa saw the review of the son as a joke. “Of course, son! When else can you hold?” — wrote for them. However, correspondence with the singer heir already “circled” social media and widely discussed by users. Someone sees nothing bad in the words of Denis, the other amazed at how poorly educated adult son Taisia.