Tatyana Ustinova lost beyond recognition

Татьяна Устинова похудела до неузнаваемости
The writer has demonstrated a new look.

Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka and Tatiana Ustinova

Photo: @kslavrova Instagram

While most of the stars resting in the resorts, Tatiana Ustinova with the team of the program “My hero” writes a new season of the popular program. Recently the writer interviewed the actress Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka. In social networks appeared a frame from the shoot, which netizens could hardly recognize Ustinov.

Tatiana for several years has been fighting with excess weight negatively affecting her health. Now she is at the peak of his form: Ustinov is so postrhinal that she barely recognized fans. “That’s incredible! In an interview Tatiana said that weighed 180 pounds… well Done!”, “Tatyana, I do not know”, “That’s exactly Ustinov? Not like himself” — comment on a photo of members of Xenia.

Earlier in an interview with Tatiana that the key to the successful transformation in her case was the “cuts” of portions. This is at first glance obvious, the solution is not always taken on arms by the people hoping to become slimmer. Many dieters go for the most extreme measures for the sake of getting rid of excess weight while people who have passed through this ordeal, I assure you: most importantly the food is moderation, and then everything will be OK. Of course, this rule works only in the absence of medical contraindications.

Tatiana, however, sometimes crosses the line and begins to eat less of the proper norm. Her kids occasionally think that it is fast, but it’s not. Just Tatiana empirically found that necessary for her personally, the amount of food consumed. It is important not only to be thin, but healthy: to be full of energy for the implementation in all spheres of life.