The development of the family scandal Alexander Kerzhakov shocked many

Развитие семейного скандала Александра Кержакова шокировало многих
The wife of the athlete wrote the confession.

Alexander and Milan Kerzhakova

Photo: Instagram

A few days ago in Milan, the wife of Alexander Kerzhakov,
statement: the player has robbed her of a small child. Daughter
who died a year ago of Senator Vadim Tyulpanov accused the football player that
he gives her to meet one-year-old Artem. Defender Alexander made
Yana Rudkovskaya, Nemcova that Milan has reportedly received treatment at
methadone clinic, so the child is better off with his father.

Kerzhakov did not hide that was treated, but not because of
pernicious habits. According to her, due to difficult relations with her husband and her father’s death she
addressed to the psychotherapist.

Lawyer Milan in this situation was Alexander Dobrovinsky,
who said that Kerzhakov tries blackmail to “squeeze” in Milana a large sum
money. He was willing to provide information to confirm his words. In addition, Dobrovinsky allegedly knew about the facts of physical abuse by Alexander.

But today the situation has changed dramatically. Milan wrote
confession and public apologized to Rudkovskaya. “I want to confess!
Sasha took the baby home, because I’m 4.5 months was in
narcological clinic, the child was with the nanny, and I was treated for drug addiction. I
never did drugs, but my father’s death I was broken! First was alcohol, then… Sasha helped me
to solve this problem, it is really against all this fighting. But at the time
I have not heard anything and not seen, shroud of sorrow was before my eyes, such
probably not one man will not stand. It really helped to Yana Rudkovskaya, gave
wise advice! She, like several other people who wanted to help save
our family, but I concealed all them that has led me now to this
the tragedy of my life…”