Harrison Ford — 75!

Харрисону Форду — 75!
In the Network appeared the photo of the actor in his youth.

Харрисону Форду — 75!

Harrison Ford

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Harrison Ford, who celebrated his 75th birthday
the family had for his life a lot. He starred in more than seventy
films and television series, had three times to marry, become a father of four biological
children and get another adopted son, who brings with her
third wife, Calista Flockhart…

Heroes Harrison love everything, especially the Han Solo of the franchise “Star wars” and
Indiana Jones, whom he, by the way,
will play next year for the fifth
time! But began his career with Ford in a very different quality — he was a carpenter.
And, on the occasion of his birthday, an old friend of the actor, the jazz musician, Sergio Mendez, shared
rare old photo of Harrison.

In this photo of a young Ford in
jeans and no shirt captures a number of
with Sergio, who was his first employer, as
a carpenter! “Is this a picture of Harrison with your friends photographed just in
the day when he’s finished building my recording Studio. It was in 1970. Thank you, Harrison!
And may the force be with you!” — so Jorge had signed was found in his personal
archive photos. It’s funny, but Sergio didn’t know then that it was the first experience Ford. And that Harrison had, in the course of work, look at the tutorial on the art of working with wood, it is taken in the library.

Incidentally, despite his advanced age and
happened to him last year a serious accident, Ford still he is piloting
your plane. Recall that in the March 2015 year, as a result of failure
engine, his plane crashed on a Golf course near Los Angeles. And
although Harrison received a serious injury, barely heal, he came back for
the helm of the “winged machine”.

Sergio Mendes and Harrison Ford(right)