Марина Африкантова соблазняет 18-летнего мачо Participant of “House-2” flirts with a young guy. Marina Afrikantov located on the site of the project located in the Seychelles. The other day came to her a young man named Roman, who really wants to win the girl.
Марина Африкантова соблазняет 18-летнего мачо
Марина Африкантова соблазняет 18-летнего мачо

A few days ago on the project “Dom-2” has a sexy muscular macho novel Kapakli. 18-year-old flew to the helipad in the Seychelles to compete for the heart of the Marina Afrikantov, which is located on telestroke in 2015.

The young man is going to win the attention of the Marina, but don’t know how to win. Afrikantov long suffered from loneliness after parting with Andrey Chuyev, who in the beginning of the year left the project. Breaking with the man was very painful, so now the blonde is in no hurry to trust other members of the opposite sex. Marina Afrikantov he feared retaliation Andrey Chueva

One day in Roma he has collected the bouquet for a lady to surprise, and at the beginning of this week has rested with the girl in the pool. Network users actively give advice to the young man. Most followers of the project participants argue, does not prevent otnosheniam Afrikantova and Kapakli almost 10-year difference in age.

“Marina, don’t think about his age, just enjoy it and be proud of yourself”, “He is very young, but that nowadays it is even fashionable to be older than men in relationships”, “you Look beautiful, but it is not developed, and his mind just relax and carefree life without commitments”, “mariska, don’t waste your time! Look for yourself outside the project”, “You guys look cool. Prove to yourself that you will be able to be together,” – says fans of telestroke.

Many viewers compared the appearance of the Novel Anton Gusev, who several years ago participated in the reality show “Dom-2”. Mother of Marina, Tatiana, praised the alleged boyfriend of the daughter.

“His dad is a Turk. I liked Rum. She had grown up, nothing ever came of it!” – protects the woman Marina, responding to the comments of subscribers.

We will remind that the initiative to send the girl to the Islands came from her parents. They worried about the safety of the heiress in Moscow, as, according to Tatyana Vladimirovna, a former suitor of Marina Afrikantov threatened her. “To her, nothing happened, Marina was sent to the Seychelles in safety,” said mom of reality star.