Любовь Успенская пополнила список жертв Интернет-мошенников
The singer asked for help to my colleagues and friends.

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: Instagram

Lyubov Uspenskaya joined the ranks of the stars
victims from fraud on the Internet. Personal page of the singer social
network hacked for profit. It is no secret that microblogging artists with
hundreds of thousands of subscribers, are popular among
advertisers. On their social pages singers, actors, TV presenters and other media persons earn online decent fees.
That is why the breaking and the subsequent assignment of the star page is so attractive
for cybercriminals.

Assumption, realizing that you will not be able to recover
old account, quickly brought a new and asked his colleagues and friends to spread this information.

This way of love has suggested her colleagues in different
time, the victims under similar circumstances. Original just the same
the situation did Ekaterina Vilkova. The actress said that her
microblogging hacked original way — with the help of interesting video
which she did while on the set of the TV series “Hotel Eleon”. The video immediately spread friends-actors:
Agnia Ditkovskite, Svetlana Ustinova, Sergey Lavygin and others. Love
touched a funny photo caption. “Enemies hacked Instagram!” — wrote