Служебный роман: звезды «Человека-паука» встречаются

Fall in love with the partners, the set becomes a good tradition. One of the main premiere films of the year “spider-Man: coming home,” gave a wonderful pair of 20 — year-old Zendaya and 21-year-old Tom Holland began Dating in real life. However, while the actors do not comment on their relationship and even laugh at the rumors, but insiders say that the feelings between the young people develop.

New “spider-Man: coming home” was released just a week ago, but fans around the world to discuss not the film, and the relationship between the main characters. According to acquaintances couples, Sendai and Holland novel, which lasts for several months. Together they spend a lot of time, went to rest after the premiere, but carefully conceal their relationship – do not post photos to social networks do not appear together in public.
Some American media a few days ago, I wrote that a couple flying to another romantic getaway. However, Zendaya immediately denied these rumors on his Twitter. She wrote a humorous post: “wait, Wait… Say that we’re going to relax? Well, I haven’t had a rest!”.
Young actors met on the set of “homecoming”. At first their relationship was exceptionally friendly, but then between them ran a spark. The completion of the film, they were already a couple.
During the promotional tour in support of “spider-Man” by Tom Holland said that he Zendaya loved one, they well understand each other, but it is only friendship and nothing else between them can not be. According to the actor, the girl helped him cope with the depression, which fell after the arrival of popularity. It Zendaya That provided psychological support. Note, Holland has long been in films, but his career went up as soon as he joined kynoselen Marvel. But Zendaya is removed from childhood, she was a Disney star, and then started a singing career. So the girl like no one else knows what to do with fame and obsessive attention of the press and fans.
In Hollywood they say that young actors repeated the fate of all creative couples who starred in “spider-Man”. Romantic “curse” Saga touched Toby Maguire and Kirsten dunst, and Andrew Garfield and Emma stone.