Hailey Baldwin denies making plastic

Хейли Болдуин отрицает, что делала пластику

No plastic, just great genes! Model Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin and longtime friend of the sisters of charity and the canadian singer Justin Bieber, fending off the haters. Mannequin accused that she altered her appearance through plastic surgery. Over the past few years in the exterior beauty really has changed, but who has a hand in this – mother nature, or the miracle plastic surgeon is not clear.

“Many accuse me that I did plastic surgery, but I’m willing to go to any specialist who will examine my face and say that plastic I didn’t do,” said Haley journalists edition of OK!.
According to the girl, she was tired of telling all and Sundry that had nothing to do with her appearance, but she stubbornly refused to believe.
“Social networks and then discuss my plastic surgery. I have to protect myself from the age of seventeen.. Look, everybody’s different growing up, changing body, face.. I am no exception, and I really don’t like that my face is considered unnatural. I’ve never done any operations and does not change your appearance” said the model.