Indecent proposal Volochkova was forced to contact the police

Непристойное предложение вынудило Волочкову обратиться в полицию

In the program “the Secret to a million” famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has made it clear that an intimate encounter with the rich people she disagrees. The dancer even brought clean water to a guy who a few days trying to convince her to mingle with some wealthy man. The meeting, of course, intended to intimate the continuation.

Recently Volochkova has demonstrated that she is tired from a variety of conversations on these topics and wrote a statement to the police on the man who tried to persuade her to lewd meeting.

“A few days ago, the criminals attempted to provoke me and get incriminating information, – said the ballerina. – So, I sent someone a message Anton with an invitation to attend a private dinner at one of their clients. In his proposal he has made it clear that dinner will be continued with an intimate character. Currently Anton suggested me to meet to discuss the details of the dinner with the client”.

Anastasia asks to bring criminals to justice on several counts, including for libel, breach of privacy, the organization of prostitution and involvement in the oldest profession.