The birth of black Tea will be part of a reality show

Роды Блэк Чайны станут частью реалити-шоу

That just will not go celebrity for the sake of high ratings. As reported by the Western media, the birth of the bride by Rob Kardashian black Tea will be filmed on camera and shown in a special edition of the reality show.

According to media reports, the future parents have already given their consent to the E! was present at the birth and filmed every moment. Before that the TV will fall and “baby-shower” the woman and her preparation for childbirth.
“Rob and China first did not want their own was shown on TV, but for a large amount of money agreed on this. The leadership of the channel had a good bargain, to give their consent. Now it is expected that the program will be more than Frank,” said the insider.
In the contract that the parents will soon sign, it talks about the fact that the channel will be removed also the chronicle of the first days of baby’s life. This is all included in the initial episodes of their reality show Rob Kardashian and his bride “Rob and China”.
It is expected that the daughter of Rob and Blake born 16 Nov. For Kardashian, she will be the first-born, but China is already the eldest son king Cairo, born of rapper Taiga.