Philip will not be held responsible for the alleged stolen song

Филипп Киркоров не понесет ответственность за якобы сворованную песню

Philip Kirkorov accused of plagiarism by a French composer Didier Moruani anything from the contractor will not receive. That Kirkorov is a certain way does not have to answer in court for alleged plagiarism, said his lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.

According to human rights activist, in this case the book was not the author of the song “tough love”, but only bought it from the composer, and therefore the responsibility is with it removed: All the documents proving that Philip is irrelevant to this court can not have, in my hands. Kirkorov is not a composer, he’s performer. Indeed, if I bought pants, a style which was copied by one designer from the pattern of another designer, then why do I, the buyer, must respond.”

By the way, a counter-claim from the composer Oleg Popkov can now expect Moruani. And all because of the release dates of the songs in light.

Album Space c composition, “Symphonic space dream” supposedly served as the prototype of the song “Cruel love”, was released 21 Oct 2002. While the song Kirkorov was presented in November 2001.