Guf openly talked about the collapse of the family and infidelity ISA

Гуф откровенно рассказал о крахе семьи и изменах Айзе The rapper, who is usually extremely reluctant to affect his personal life, made an exception and gave a candid interview about the divorce, the relationship with Keti Topuria and drug dependence. In the words of the Guf, he is very ugly behaved towards ISA Anokhina. At some point, the musician finally passed all bounds.
Гуф откровенно рассказал о крахе семьи и изменах Айзе

Recently Alexey Dolmatov, known as the Guf, gave an interview to Yuri Dude that appeared on his YouTube channel. During the conversation with the journalist, the rapper who is usually not told about his personal life, open up and told about something that usually prefers to remain silent.

Answering the questions of the jury, Gough has spoken about his alleged affair with Keti Topuria, which celebrities have attributed to journalists. Then in mass media there were photos, which allegedly depicted the star. Because of poor quality pictures it was hard to see the faces of people, but bystanders claimed that the Guf Topuria vacationing in Thailand.

“Kathy and friends. And after this ridiculous news friends even more, – said the rapper. I don’t know who is there in the photos”.

Гуф откровенно рассказал о крахе семьи и изменах Айзе

Dude asked Dolmatova, whether he helped Topuria in 2016, when the musician was fond of taking illegal drugs. “She did not know about it. We met at the filming of the video and sometimes met to drink tea,” recalled Gough. But once Kathy saw the man when he was in a poor condition. The singer was shocked by the change in the behavior of colleagues.

“She began to attempt to heal me. Constantly trying to persuade me, but I, being in its Wake, all the while blending in. Then he turned to her for help and asked that she did something. She repeatedly put me in the hospital in Moscow…” – said Guf.
Гуф откровенно рассказал о крахе семьи и изменах Айзе

In addition, the rapper spoke openly about the collapse of his marriage. “The day and hour when you realized that your family is falling apart? I’m talking about the relationship with ISA,” asked Guf Yuri.

“What time I cheated on my wife. Almost immediately after birth or even during pregnancy. It’s awful… At some point I just stopped hiding it, I’ve gone to strip clubs, hung out there for a couple of days. It was in the order of things… At some point, she decided to teach me a lesson that I put myself in her place. She met with some brow, kissed, and all of it was online. However, she just kissed,” – said the rapper.

Then the musician, by his own admission, “pereklinilo”. And the ISA was ready to leave with the Body. “I crossed all limits,” said the rapper. “Do you agree that behaved like a pig?” asked the star journalist. Gough agreed and added that his behavior was “terrible.”

At the moment Alexey Dolmatov gave up taking illicit substances and full of creative plans. In recognition of the musician, he has a girlfriend, which is a non-public person.