Друзья Данилы Козловского вспомнили, как он просил милостыню Friends of the artist at the cadet corps opened the details of his past. During his studies in the cadet corps Danila Kozlovsky fought and made fun of subway passengers. Comrades celebrities with trepidation remember.
Друзья Данилы Козловского вспомнили, как он просил милостыню

Actor Danila Kozlovsky on may 3, celebrates 32 years. He played dozens of leading roles: hockey player Valery Kharlamov in the film “Legend № 17”, pilot in “the Crew” and many others… But this could not be, because the parents predicted a different future: mother Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya gave seven years of Daniel in the Kronstadt naval cadet corps in St. Petersburg, where he studied shipbuilding, fed the kittens and pogroms.

You rascal!

“Dan knew the semaphore alphabet – a couple of minutes, use the check boxes conveyed the message to the approaching ship – says “StarHit” novel Terra, he studied with Kozlowski in one company. – In literature classes always had your hand to recite, and the stories are perfectly oriented in the reign of the kings. Kozlowski phenomenal memory.

We often exchanged books. If some came to make up, then returned with pages without corners – he was in the habit to mark the place where he was staying. I never returned to the library a book by Stephen king – a friend of her mad. Kozlowski was already a star – performed in the Kronstadt House of children’s creativity, there danced the polka, the quadrille, the waltz has always fascinated partners. The best he could do in vest to dance “Yablochko”. And together with the choir he went to the 850 anniversary of Moscow. Stood there with Patriotic songs, then traveled to Finland. Such trip we had considered a valid reason could not attend classes”.

Друзья Данилы Козловского вспомнили, как он просил милостыню

Kozlowski liked to fool around, often arranged jokes.

“If you boil, he next says “StarHit” Tom, each actor in the cadet corps. For example, the night we smeared green paint all sleeping in the forecastle – men’s bedrooms. Or put them between the toes of paper and set on fire. Well, when did the superglue dripped on his forefinger was stuck to the wall.

Once we played the passengers. Went into the car, Dan took off his cap and started begging: “Alms for the poor sweets for the students!” People started pulling money out of your pockets. Penny who will give who the ruble. To the “greedy” Daniel sat and began to tell funny stories, anecdotes. They laughed and paid – say, deserve the guy. Before going Kozlowski shouted: “Comrades, this is a joke!” – and gave it all back.
Друзья Данилы Козловского вспомнили, как он просил милостыню

Remember we have near the school was a river, called it Amazon. Danya and I fished there for perch, the fish were given to local peasants to feed the cats. Once close to shore and found a Board, built rafts and rode them. Once in one of the unfinished buildings of the school we found sulfur. Put it in a bottle, set on fire, it exploded – the entire corps of cadets could be heard! Someone even MOE called. And at other times ran there on ampoules, apparently, with some chemical substances. One accidentally dropped, three minutes later began coughing, it was hard to breathe. The acrid smell came to the school, the evacuation… don’t understand how after all these antics we were alive and we were not expelled.”


Друзья Данилы Козловского вспомнили, как он просил милостыню

Many classmates Kozlowski was remembered by a generous friend.

“We often drove in football, he was a striker, – shares with “StarHit” Cyril Telesh, a fellow actor. – Once he brought a new ball. Fifteen minutes later, he accidentally pierced by a nail. Kozlowski realized that there is nothing to help, and silently threw the ball, the words didn’t tell anyone. Dani was a game console “Dandy”. Parents gave, and he in part brought and stashed in the nightstand. At night, while all slept, we were playing “Mario” or “tanks”.

From severance Kozlovsky always came back with food: candy, biscuits with jam, chocolate and lemonade. So he immediately laid on the table, with all sharing. By the way, Danny has played well on the piano. After marching together wishing in the Assembly hall and were taught to play. Once it was urgent to speak at a children’s party, Kozlovsky a few minutes gathered a band and they sang worthy Yesterday Beatles.

There were times when I had no group to gather, and the whole company. To us to compete often visited Kronstadt, mostly rappers or yard guys. Daniel in the side was never. Run into the room: “let’s Go see about that.” I went to scratch fists. Of course, without bruising dust-no cost. But the provocateurs ran away from us in a jiffy!”