Alina Kabaeva made a real tale for children

Алина Кабаева устроила настоящую сказку для детей Olympic champion lit at the concert hall. At the opening ceremony of the festival Alina Kabaeva appeared in the outfit on to the floor, decorated with flowers. The guests noted that the event was a great success and thanked the sports star for her work.

On Tuesday in one of the concert halls, the opening of the IX festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina”, which traditionally organizes sports star Alina Kabaeva. The Olympic champion was personally present at the rehearsal and helped young talents right to execute acrobatic elements. Alina Kabaeva made a splash in trendy jeans

Kabaeva appeared on the evening in a gorgeous translucent gown decorated with yellow spring flowers. Many colleagues honored gymnast said that she looked great. Dmitry Guberniev and Elena Isinbayeva took a picture together with the hostess of the festival and thanked her for what she does for young gymnasts.

“This is the ninth time Charity Fund of Alina Kabaeva spending this wonderful holiday! Everything was top notch! Alina – you’re clever! Thank you!” wrote champion in pole vaulting in the social network. Guberniev, like a true gentleman, Kabaeva showered with compliments.

“Alina Kabaeva! We have known for 19 years! Incredible, sincere, divine! Festival “Alina” turned out just brilliant. Admire and conquered. Incredibly talented kids soon all will win!” noted sports commentator.

At the organization of the show was colourful sets, costumes, and at the end of the evening the audience were in for a surprise. Alina Kabaeva appeared on stage together with pupils of sports schools and performed the song.

“The concert was just gorgeous! And not because it involved my daughter. Although this gave him a special expectation, of course. The scenery is so lifelike, realistic, vivid… About gymnasts can talk endlessly! About our team! About the girls, my favorite,” wrote one woman whose daughter participated in the festival page on the social network.

Among the guests in the audience were also seen Irina Aleksandrovna Viner-Usmanova, gymnast Olga Belova and Olympic champion Margarita Mamun. Many fans Kabaeva, who could not personally attend the event, looking forward to the televised show. According to some, in preparation for the concert was attended by about 500 gymnasts from Russian sports schools.