Group “the City 312” will appear in the new season of “Univer”

Группа «Город 312» появится в новом сезоне «Универа» The musicians took part in the filming of the series of the channel TNT. The band “Gorod 312” was pleased with the shots. For the series “Univer” they even agreed to remake the hit “Stay”, which is known to many music lovers.

      Группа «Город 312» появится в новом сезоне «Универа»

      In the new season of the popular series “Univer” starred the popular group “the City 312”. Members of the musical collective played themselves. The plot of one of the heroines of the series Yana Semakina trying to persuade the group to perform at a corporate plant for the production of lighting equipment. The girl invites the musicians to change the lyrics of their hit “Stay.” The organizer of the event convinces the guys to sing the line “profit train” and “do not climb the window, a riot.”

      The soloist “Cities 312” Aya and keyboardist Dmitry was pleased with the work together with a camera crew of the TV series “Univer”. According to them, in the sitcom they had a chance to play for the first time.

      “We have already filmed, but in a sitcom for the first time. The shooting was very fun. Team “Uni” such a tight-knit, like a family! It is seen that people get an engaging collaborative creativity,” said Aya.

      According to Dmitry, they have already participated in the filming of feature films, where it’s always played themselves. “The excitement was present, of course, hide will not. After all, in the shot with us were professional comedians, whose work we love,” said the musician.

      According to the script, the musicians were supposed to represent the pretentious artists. As noted by the AE, they never talk with people with disdain. The creators of the series gave the group an opportunity to laugh at themselves.

      Группа «Город 312» появится в новом сезоне «Универа»

      The team has never sung the song “will” previously, but for the team of the series “Univer”, they agreed to this experiment. “Song “will be” remade very “vital”… Such alterations in our touring history across many. And you know what? Never we they are not fulfilled”, – said the soloist. Her colleague said that the new version of the hit was funny and cute.

      The character of the series, Anya’s Cousin surprised the traveler and Dima with their vocal abilities. “Listen to the singing actress was too easy. But to portray the response – rejection and irritation – it had difficulty! Wanted to laugh, not angry. Doubles was enough, so we got to Anya sustainable sympathy”, – said the soloist of group “the City 312”.

      Watch and listen to the new season of the sitcom “Univer” from the 10th of October at 20:00 on TNT!